Local Pick-Up 

  • ** ORDER ONLINE **
  • ** WAIT FOR EMAIL **

Local pickup is now available in store. You can place your order online and come pick it up when you get the email. 

 To ensure an effortless pickup process follow the directions below: 

1. You will place local orders on the website like normal, and enter a valid email address. This is the only way we will contact you 

2. Only arrive at the store when you get an email stating the order is shipped.  This will be your confirmation that your order is now ready for pickup.

3. When you arrive at Outdoor Limited, please come inside and we will have your order. We will double-check the order. However, if there is a problem with your order please notify us before you leave the store.

*Once you leave the store the sale is final and we cannot accept returns.* 

Orders will be held for 10 days. At 10 days they will be cancelled and refunded.

Please double check your order before it is placed. We will not accept returns, no exceptions.