AMMO INCORPORATED® is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative ammunition products, in the sporting industry. To maintain the strength of our brands and drive strong revenue growth, we invest in product innovation and technology to improve product performance, quality and affordability while providing great support to our retail partners and our consumers.

We pride ourselves in our American heritage. We proudly use the finest American made components, manufacture our products in Payson, Arizona and every round is meticulously inspected by US Citizens; we set out to create jobs for Americans. The ammunition we build performs like high end custom hand loaded ammunition, but is sold at competitive prices. We strive to be the leading innovator of center-fire ammunition for military, law enforcement, and civilians. Every load is developed for a specific purpose with a focus on consistency, accuracy, and even, in some cases, felt recoil. Each round is designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged to bring a superior shooting experience to our end consumer.



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