475 Linebaugh Ammo


The .475 Linebaugh is an extremely potent rimmed revolver cartridge developed by John Linebaugh in the late 1980s. The cartridge is based on the .45-70 Government case cut down to 1.4 inches and loaded with .475-inch-diameter (12.1 mm) bullets weighing from 320 grains (21 g) to 440 grains (29 g). Although the .45 Silhouette cartridge is also derived from a .45-70 trimmed down to 1.5 inches, the .475 Linebaugh saw the same case modified to accept .475 caliber bullets, resulting in significantly different ballistic performance.

The then-new .475 Linebaugh was first announced in the May 1988 issue of Guns & Ammo in an article written by Ross Seyfried.


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