30 Nosler Ammo

What’s more American than apple pie and baseball? 30 caliber. Introducing the new 30 Nosler cartridge by popular demand.  Sharing the same parent case as the 26 and 28 Nosler cartridges, the 30 Nosler takes all the best attributes of currently available 30 magnums and combines them all in one cartridge. The 30 Nosler eclipses the velocity of the 300 Weatherby, headspaces of the shoulder like a 300 RUM, has an efficient powder column like that of the 300 WSM and its in the same standard length action of a 300 Winchester Magnum while allowing for an additional 200 fps at the muzzle making for the perfect 30 caliber cartridge.




The 30 Nosler is very easy to load for, and is quite well behaved with nearly all powders of proper burn rate for the bullet being loaded. Anything from Retumbo up to H4831 will work well, with IMR 7828 and RL 22 being a couple of the best we have found. As a tip, adjust your sizing die to just barely bump the shoulder back between firings and case life can be extended significantly.

Designed with a maximum C.O.A.L. of 3.340” and a case capacity of 88 grains of water, the 30 Nosler cartridge functions in a standard length action for shorter bolt throw and lighter weight than magnum length actions.

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