Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale!

Outdoor Limited Weekend Sale Starts July 5th (While Supplies Last)


Rimfire Ammo Sale


Aguila 22LR
38gr HP 5,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.034

Price: $169.99 

Federal 17 HMR
17gr V-Max 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.200

Price: $99.89

Armscor 22 WMR
40gr JHP 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.120

Price: $59.90

Remington 22 Short
29gr PRN 100rds

Per Round Cost: $0.073

Price: $7.29

Handgun Ammo Sale


Federal 9mm
115gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.170

Price: $169.95  

PRVI PPU 357 Magnum
158gr JHP 500rds

Per Round Cost: $0.339

Price: $169.49

Federal 380 Auto 
95gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.225

Price: $224.80

Minuteman Munitions 357 Sig 
125gr TPJ 400rds

Per Round Cost: $0.297

Price: $118.79

Rifle Ammo Sale

Tula 223 Remington
Steel 62gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.187

Price: $187.49

Armscor 300 AAC Blackout
147gr FMJ 200rds

Per Round Cost: $0.400

Price: $79.90

Tula 7.62x39mm Steel
122gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.185

Price: $184.75

Ammo Inc 223 Rem
62gr FMJ 1,000rds

Per Round Cost: $0.230

Price: $229.99

Shotgun Ammo Sale

Estate 12 Ga 2-3/4" #9 
Shot 1oz 1180fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.202

Price: $50.49 
*Price after MIR*

Remington 12 Ga 2-3/4" 
S 00 Buck 9 Pellets 1325fps 15rds

Per Round Cost: $0.599

Price: $8.99

Federal 12 Ga 2-3/4" #6
Shot 1oz 1375fps 250rds

Per Round Cost: $0.240

Price: $59.99


Paraklese 12 Ga 2-3/4"
Dragon's Breath 3rds

Per Round Cost: $6.663

Price: $19.99

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Hornady Match Ammo!

The difference between competing and dominating.
We carefully select every component to ensure uniformity, then load to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. Each cartridge is loaded with either Hornady® A-MAX® bullets, our high-performance boattail hollow points, or the new, radically superior ELD® Match bullets. Stringent quality control ensures proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity, consistent overall length and repeatable accuracy.


PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Remington Rebate!



*** This rebate is being offered by Remington, Outdoor Limited and its affiliates have nothing to do with the rebate *** 

Mail in completed redemption form, original UPC codes, original cash register receipt to:
Promotion #86974
Remington Summer Promotion 2019 - US
PO Box 22177
Tempe, AZ 85285-2177

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT - Prvi partizan ppu ammo!

Since 1928, Prvi Partizan has been producing custom ammunition in Serbia for competition, indoor ranges and big game hunting. Today Prvi Partizan is a modern factory that is shoulder to shoulder with the most well-known ammunition manufacturers in the world. Offering a wide range of commercial and military calibers for hunters and target shooters throughout the world. All Prvi ammunition meets SAAMI standards and is ran through an internal quality management system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Prvi PPU Ammunition offers high quality ammunition at an affordable price!